Spacegirl 2038

Spacegirl 2038 is a fun to play, fast paced arcade shooter with high energy music and retro graphics.

You play as Lara, a newly qualified pilot in the fleet, whose sister has gone missing. You’ve been told not to launch a rescue mission as you’re too inexperienced, but since when have you listened? You must explore the strange alien world to find your sister and her crew and bring them home safely. Whether you leave a trail of destruction in your wake is up to you….

Spacegirl 2038 comes with multiple difficulty levels so that the whole family can enjoy it, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced gamer. You can even play in a special ‘bouncy bouncy’ mode for a truly crazy challenge.

Alongside the main game, you will also have a chance to compete in a range of speed runs to see who is truly the best pilot in the family.

With hours of replayability, Spacegirl 2038 will keep you entertained for many, many gaming sessions.

It can be purchased from:

MS Store