Conical Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest testing related product – Conical.

Conical is a tool to make it easier to have confidence in your releases and therefore to release faster and with fewer bugs.

More details can be found on its main page –

Happy testing!

BorsukSoftware.Utils.StreamMerging released

As part of a project we’re working on, we needed to be able to consume multiple chunks of compressed data on disc as a single uncompressed stream. We couldn’t find any existing libraries to do this so we had to create our own and as it’s rather generic, we thought we’d share it in case anyone else finds it useful.

It currently targets .net standard 2.1 in order to use instances of Span<..>, but it can also be modified relatively easily to use .net standard 2.0.

The package can be downloaded from nuget and the source code is available on our GitHub page.

Borsuk Software is coming to Steam

We’re pleased to announce that our games are coming soon to Steam.

Starting with the original Spacegirl, this will bring our games to a new audience.

Our follow up games will be published to Steam shortly, so check back soon by clicking here.

Borsuk Software is now on

We’re pleased to announce that, where appropriate, our .net libraries are now available for consumption directly on

The source code for each of the packages is available on GitHub.

Currently, we have packages for:

  • Data Cube
  • Object Flattener
  • Object Comparer

Further packages will be uploaded shortly (including an updated object graph which is coming soon).

For more details on the underlying functionality / rationale behind these packages, please see their respective repositories in GitHub.

Please do let us know if you use these packages or if you have any suggestions etc. This can be done either by commenting or through GitHub issues.

Borsuk Software is on

Borsuk Software are pleased to announce that our games are now available on – one of the leading game distribution sites on the internet.

This will bring our games to a wider audience as well as allow us to upload our smaller games, tooling as well as betas more easily

Announcing Spacegirl 2038

Borsuk Software are pleased to announce our latest game – Spacegirl 2038.

In Spacegirl 2038, you play as Lara, the younger sister of our original hero Matilda. Your sister has gone missing on her latest mission and it’s your job to save both her and her crew.

Spacegirl 2038 is targeting both PC and Xbox and is schedule for release in early January 2021.

More details coming soon..

SimpleXML Released

We’re pleased to announce the release of SimpleXML, a jQuery library to allow a website to display XML data in an interactive fashion.

It was developed as part of an internal tool to allow us to view and interpret test results more easily and we hope that it proves as useful to the wider community as it has been to us.

It’s completely free to use for any purpose and can be downloaded from our GitHub page.

To see a demo of the plugin, have a look at the product page.